Vision Solar : Why Solar is the Cheapest Form of Energy

Why Solar is the Cheapest Form of Energy

It is no doubt that solar energy is taking the world by storm. With constant advancements in technology and the prices decreasing, solar is becoming more readily available to everyone in the United States. It can be hard to understand why solar is so cheap. With multiple different options for your home energy source, we can see why the concept of solar can be so confusing. In an effort to help ease your confusion, here is why solar is the cheapest form of energy.

Renewable Energy

The definition of renewable energy is: an energy source that is not depleted when used. The United States is pushing for more and more renewable energy. Some of the most popular forms of renewable energy is natural gas. However, as natural gas has been proven to release a large amount of carbon emissions, we are trying to move onto a new form of desired energy. Solar power has become more and more popular because its lack of disruption to the environment. In terms of renewable energy, the sun is the number one renewable resource.

Solar Energy

Solar energy optimizes the sun’s power only throughout the day, when the sun is out. However, on of the best advancements in solar is the ability to store the excess energy and use it later. This excess, stored energy is then used to power your home later. These advancements in technology are the exact reason why solar power is so useful and also cheap. Over the next decade more than 80% of the solar power that is being used in the United States will be some of the cheapest forms of energy for homeowners. The ability to generate energy from our largest energy source, the sun, is one of the best innovations of the decade. By harnessing this technology to our homes, we can create a cleaner and brighter future, without ever having to use excess land or resources to power our homes.

Savings With Solar

Because solar is becoming cheaper, the savings that come from solar continue to increase. Homeowners are saving up to 20% on their monthly electric bill. Their solar panels are capable of paying for themselves with the process of net metering. Net metering allows for the excess energy that is generated to be stored and used for later. Along with this, any excess energy that is not used at all will be used as a credit on your monthly bill. To be a part of this nationwide change Contact Us.