William Caraballo Jr


Starting his solar career in 2013, William believes that we here at Vision Solar are truly making a difference for future generations. Having a successful background in solar sales leadership allows him to know first-hand what it takes to create a high energy culture within the workplace. His vision instills a path to interdependence where each employee relies upon each other to foster an ecosystem of successful growth. His employees are of the utmost importance, which is why he continues to help them find their purpose and hit personal goals in order to drive work performance.
His role as Vice President of Operations focuses on customer experience and quality craftsmanship within Vision Solar. Geared toward creating the best experience for customers, he is constantly sourcing the latest technology. He drives efficiency and performance in the operation by implementing scalable systems and standards. Outside of work, William spends his time with his loving family at home. He is happily married to his wife Sarah, with whom he shares four children. William is excited to implement all of his core beliefs within the workplace, creating a driven, family-friendly work environment.